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28 weeks tomorrow...

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Hitting the Third Trimester is starting to kick in.. my lil man will be here soon. Getting Nervous but excited. How do you know when its that time to go to the hospital? I would like to be induced just incase, but im not sure.

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most drs wont induce until the 39th week but just talk to your dr about it. We were induced with our daughter and she got here a day before her due date and I am hoping to do the same thing again since we are due the day after christmas.. it would be nice to be able to be home with our daughter for the holidays since she will only be about 18 months herself lol.. but as far as knowing how to know when its time to go to the hospital I would say by the contractions.. I went into pre term labor and the contractions were starting to be painful and thats when we went in.. good luck =)
The drs always say to wait until your contractions are 5 mins apart or you can't talk through them. I was induced with all 3 of mine and it makes it a little more painful. My last was due after Christmas and my mid wife induced me so she wouldn't be delivering on Christmas. I hope all goes well for you and your baby. I still have 27 weeks, lol, almost as long as you've been pregnant. Good luck to you hun. :)
My husband and I attended a childbirth class last Saturday and the instructor gave us a little formula to help know when to go to the hospital...511. Contractions are 5 minutes apart, lasting for the duration of 1 minute, and have been going on for 1 hour. I thought it was a helpful tip..and would also help avoiding going in too early and being sent home :) Good luck! 
Thanks everyone

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