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2nd preg-curious how 'fast' 2nd L&D could be? Some say 2nd,3rd,4th went quicker than the 1st. 1st was induced...

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Im aware that your water breaking doesn't necessarily mean you need to rush to the hospital- that you should judge by how far apart contractions are [given there's no other complications]. My friends mom had her 5th shoot down her pant leg in the hospital parking lot shortly after her water broke. Lets just say my 1st's scheduled induction/requested epidural is leaving me feel like I'm doing all of this over again- but for the first time- I feel a little jaded!!!

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i have to say that my second pregnacy lasted just as long as my first l & d but, it could be that i was induced with my second child and not with my first, but either way, it was way too long for me, 12 hours , now i'm pregnant with my third and last child,so good luck to you and remember that every pregnancy is different.
I was induced with my first pregnancy and I felt like you that I didn't know what to expect.   That delivery lasted 10 1/2 hours. I also had to have the doctor break my water.  With my second pregnancy I was in labor for 21 1/2 hours. My water broke just a half an hour before he was born. With my 3rd pregnancy I was only in labor for 4 1/2 hours. Again my water broke about a half an hour before he was born.  With my 4th I am not sure yet I am still pregnant and not due until August.  I would just say it varies some people had a quicker second pregnancy delivery than others, but some haven't.  Also with the water breaking issue.  You should get to the hospital right away if your water breaks because it could take a long time and then again it could be that the baby is ready to come out.

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