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2nd Pregnancy...2nd Baby Shower?

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So this is my 2nd pregnancy and my mom wants to throw a small baby shower for me. I pretty much have everything i need since i really didn't throw anything away from my first child, but i do need the very important diapers, wipes and formula. So my question is: is it ok to just ask for cash donations since i get all the diapers, wipes and formula from costco and not everyone has a membership? I don't want to sound rude when asking but i'd rather have cash than something i dont need, so is there a nice way of asking?

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I don't know if you can ask for cash and not sound rude.  It's a tough one.  We are having a 3rd and if it's a boy like our previous 2 we definitely don't need anything b/c I didn't throw anything out either.  Why not ask her to throw a savings bond party, a room/bedding decorating party, a baby library party (fill a bookshelf with their favorite books for both of your little ones) or have a diapers and wipes party without have to spend your own money to buy them.  We did get new bedding with our second to make it his own, because I didn't want him to have all hand me downs - so maybe bedding and accessories to go with it for your little one.  Your mom might be able to ask gently for cash or gift cards explaining that she "thinks" you have everything.  Good luck!  :)
I agree I'm not sure you can ask without it sounding rude. I definitely liked all of lissiemel's ideas for showers. They are completely adorable. I always add what I need in the invitations for the baby shower. That way everyone knows what to get and I'm not having to do a lot of returns. Also if you put formula down most people aren't brave enough to try and figure out what brands you use. That could be a way to get gift cards or money out of them. Good luck.
With my second baby I requested mostly diapers and wipes since I had kept everything needed from my first child or received other needed items from friends as hand-me-downs.  There were a few other needed items since I didn't want my son to have pink blankets and such.  You can do baby registeries and always request gift cards so you can shift your non-diaper purchases there (like Target and Walmart) and get your diaper and wipes purchases at Costco.

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