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3 different due dates on ultrasound? (long)

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I'm really confused. When I found out that I was pregnant the doctor put my due date as March 3rd. Based solely on the date of my last period. However, when I went for my first ultrasound, which was not performed until October 12th, to find out the sex of the baby, 3 different estimated due dates showed up on the ultrasound. When they measured the baby's abdomen, the due date showed Feb. 23rd, when they measured the head it was Feb. 28th, and when they measured his leg, the due date showed March 3rd. The ultrasound tech stuck with the March 3rd due date, but I don't understand it at all. My periods have always been kind of out of whack, so I'm wondering if maybe the March 3rd date is wrong and maybe the ones in February are right. I know that it's only a week difference between the three dates but, still. Any ideas?

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I was given 3 different due dates too.The first one, based solely on my period, which was irregular, was Dec 5.  The next one, I got at my 9 week ultrasound, was Nov 29.  The third, my 20 week ultrasound, was Dec 3.My son was born on Nov 25.Your baby will come whenever he/she wants to come. I knew that Lennox was coming early.  I just had that feeling.  Just like I knew that I was pregnant before I took the test, and he was a boy before the ultrasound. ;)  Mama's intuition!
I've never heard of using a leg measurement or a abdomen measurement to get the baby's due date.  Both of my boys have had really long legs, so that would have thrown off mine.  Go by the date your doctor uses.  If the doctor uses March 3rd and the tech uses March 3rd as their final then go with that.  It may change as your pregnancy progresses depending on how the baby grows.  My 3rd is tracking 5 days ahead by growth patterns, but they aren't moving my due date and won't unless it's 2 weeks off.  Confusing, but they will use your 3/3 date for all future appointments until about your 20 week ultrasound (it MAY show something different, but unless it's 2 weeks off they probably won't move your date).  & like Mrs C says...your baby's coming when he or she is ready no matter what your doc says.  :)
Thanks guys, (:I'm like Mrs C. I have this feeling that he's coming early either way & before we had my 20 week ultrasound I KNEW that I was having a boy!

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