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3 home pregnancy test that came back positive, is it sure that im pregnant or can it be wrong results?

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i took 3 of those home prenancy test on 3 diferent days and they all came back positive,but i dnt kno if i can fully trust those ive never used them before, with my first pregnancy i went to the emergency room. plus when i removed my iud only 2 mos. ago and i was told it would take 6 mos. to get pregnant again. i havent even missed my first period yet

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I am sorry hon, one test might be a false positive but three? The majority of home pregnancy tests show as positve if the pregnancy hormone is in your urine, the odds of it giving you a false reading three times is slim to none. Of course the only way to be absolutely sure is to go to your doctor.
i took 14 test with my son and they were all postive, then after i found out i use to take them once a month just to make sure i still was. i dunno
If you have any doubts, I suggest you act as if you are - eat healthy; avoid drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, etc; stay hydrated; get enough sleep; schedule an appt w/an OB/GYN for a prenatal. The first thing they do is take a urine pregnancy test, then they back it up with a blood test - which is more accurate because it's more sensitive and there are more chemicals in your blood than your urine. But I must agree that one may be a false positiv but it's highly unlikely three would be.
It is definitely more likely to get a false-negative (having it show negative when you are actually pregnant) than a false-positive (showing positive and not being pregnant) because it measures the amount of HcG in your urine, and that is not present w/out pregnancy! Congrats, I'd say you are definitely pregnant! Your OB will usually want to see you around 8 weeks along... counting the first day of your last period as day 1, but since you said you haven't even missed your first period yet, they may do an early ultrasound on you to date your pregnancy. And also, many woman can and do get pregnant while ON birth control, so it's not that unusual to get preggo as soon as you stop it. Congrat's on your pregnancy! :)
thanks everyone for ur answers i went to the klinik today and it came out positive thanks so much it was alot of help

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