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30 weeks and in the hospital on bed rest..

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On October 19th (one day before my 30th week mark) I was admitted into the hospital due to a thin cervix, early contractions, and funneling. I'm told I'll be in this bed for the rest of my pregnancy, which is expected to be in the next 4-6 weeks if we're lucky. I've never been a patient in a hospital or very successful with dependency on others, so this is a change of pace, big time. I have no idea of what to expect this being my first child, having taken no birthing classes yet, and simply because I'm only sixteen. I understand and accept that this is all for a healthy baby. All I ask is if anyone has comments of emotional support or simular stories, give me a little moment out of your day to elaborate this rough time.

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I completely understand and sympathize with you. I got pregnant at 16 also and at 30 weeks had to go to the hospital. I was dialated 2 cm when I got there and they stopped my labor. They put me on meds to keep my labor from starting again and sent me home after giving me steroid shots(ouch!) for the baby's lungs. About 5 days later I was back and in labor again. They stopped it and changed my meds and put me on bed rest at home. That didn't work real well but did try to stay in bed as much as possible. I made it another 6 weeks and had a beautiful, healthy little girl. I know it's hard and it sucks but try to stick with it cause it helps the baby so much. You can do this just get some good books or whatever you like and enjoy being waited on hand and foot! Good luck. :)
That's so great to hear. They've been saying I wont make it long. That he'll be here any day. Of course all I want is for him to wait, to become stronger and healthier. And the fact that you made it six more weeks after going into labor twice gives me so much hope that we can do this for at least a few more weeks. (:
I definitly feel for you sweetie.. I am not 16 I am 22 but I am 31 weeks tooday and have been put on restricted activity for the past week.. its not complete bed rest yet although the dr has threatened that if I dont slow down it will be by my next app..and I am still lucky enough to be at home still but with a 15 month old any kind of restricted activity is definitly more then a little challenging. All I can tell you is stay positive and try not to stress.. thats what I am doing.. taking the meds every 4-6 hours to try to keep contractions from coming back and being worse.. and just goign day by day hoping my little guy waits long enough to have his lungs developed more... good luck and keep us posted ok =)
i feel for ya i hope that everything goes well and your little boy is healthy as can be
I was on bed rest starting right at 30 weeks too with my first.  My doctor kept warning me to slow down and take it easy, but I was so nervous and anxious for my little one and planning things out that I didn't listen.  I started having preterm labor at 28 weeks, they were able to stop it and I was told to slow down. I still went to work, took care of the house, walked the dogs, etc...didn't slow down.  I ended up with high blood pressure and on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy (I delivered at 38 weeks).  Things got better as I got further along, but I didn't get off bed rest, my pre term labor just eased up.  I too was on the meds to stop the labor.  It's very boring, but I used the time in bed to catch up on things I had been missing while preparing for my little one.  I read a lot, catched up with a lot of my friends, wrote letters to family and napped.  That was one nice thing about being on bed rest, I was rested up for the birth.    It's hard to lie down and watch everything happen around you, it can be boring and you can feel useless, but you have the most important job of all...growing and protecting that little one.  Just keep doing what you are doing, get your rest, watch some movies, read and just think about that little one and it will all be worth while.  :o)  Good luck!!!

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