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32 weeks and stressed beyond belief...

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WHAT TO DO????? didnt fall asleep til 12 last night then woke up at 3 and couldnt sleep had work at 6 and now kids are going to make me lose my mind!!! This has been going on for a few days idk what to do.. im so tired!

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I am 33 weeks pregnant and I get the same way!  Sometimes at night my body gets very restless.  I started taking hot showers before bed and that has helped a little bit. I also try and walk a couple times a week and that seems to tire my body out so I can go to bed earlier and sleep through the night.  I am a stay at home mom and many think that I am so lucky to not have to work but the truth is taking care of kids is a huge handful.  I have alos found it easier to have lots planned for the kids to do. The other day I sat at the park with my kids for 2 hours so they would get energy out and I could have a break! lol  Being able to sit back and watch them play was easier than picking up after them.  I have also found a few play centers in our area so we can go and play.  We are in the end of our pregnancy and it is so normal to become tired and easily frustrated.  Give yourself a break bc you and your body are under alot right now. ;)  Keep reminding yourself you are almost to the end!
these kids i nanny... And its fall break im sure when schools back monday it wil be better.. I do tons with the kids... we made candy, pumpkins, magnets, masks and more, park blah lol SCHOOL will be back monday i cant wait!
I am there with you too.. I am 31 weeks and been goign through the same thing.. I take a bath before bed in the evenings and have been having my boyfriend rub my back or feet.. yes I am spoiled =).. right before we go to sleep and it helps me relax more and I am able to sleep through the night.. with the exception of what seems to be 100 trips to go pee lol.. onyl a few more weeks and bentley will be here.. just remember that =) good luck! 

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