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at 35 weeks is it normel for me to hert in pelvic area to wear it hirt in my hips too and hirts to walk

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this happened to me when i was around 30 weeks, it's normal. the pain is just something you have to get use to. it hurt really bad to walk, but i walked through the pain every day and that helped a lot.
I am currently 36 weeks and I to was having a lot of pain in the same areas, actually couldn't lift my right leg, turned out that I had something call Mylisha Parastitica it's in other words a pinched nerve that runs down along your pelvic area and is due to weight of the baby. Feel better soon!
Both of these are my story! I didnt really need to say anything.
i had the same pain starting about 30 weeks at first it was only everyonce and a while making me think that i was having contractions i even went into the hospital several times only to be told that it was nothing except needing rest but at about 33 weeks it was so bad my doctor did an ultrasound and found out it was just because the babys head was positioned right on my cervix so everytime the little fellow moved it would send pain shooting all through out my pelvix and my back and hip area. so he suggested i get lots of rest and lots of fluids and try some tylenol. i hope this helps it sucks to be in so much pain you can't really enjoy being pregnant like some women get to.
That pain started for me last week at 31 weeks, i figure it is normal this far into the pregnancy. It's not a sharp pain, just an achy pain.
I am 30 weeks now and I started getting pelvic pain a few weeks ago. It hurts more when I have been laying down for a while and then get up and start walking. It is horrible but my son is laying low in my abdomen so thats where the pressure is coming from.

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