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37 wks no sleep,sore hips and real thirsty is the end near?

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I am sleeping soundly less, outer hips so sore they wake me from sleep, and at night I could drink a swimmimg pool full of water. Ther is 8.5 yrs between pregnancy's and I am just unsure, is this some sign that I could deliver soon?

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You're 37 weeks, I think that's the best sign that you are going to deliver soon.  Your body should be preparing for birth right now, but how long it takes to get to that point is a guessing game to say the least.  With my last son, I started dilating at 35 weeks and by 37 1/2 weeks I was 4 cm.  I stayed that way until 2 days past my due date.  Watch for contractions, losing your mucus plug or having discharge - those are your best bets on impending labor.  :)
I'm 37 weeks too.  And I have the hip pain and "Omg I could drink the Atlantic Ocean" thirstiness too! lol   I also get this achy feeling on my pelvic bone like it's being pulled apart!

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