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38 weeks, help!

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Yesterday i wasnt feel well and very hot so took my temp and it was 100.4 i hate the thought of taking meds esp being pregnant. but i took a tylenol felt better when i woke up around one. now it seems i have another fever same temp. I feel like crap =( hips hurt,back hurts, knees, just everything, tons of pressure where his head is (way down low) and also ive been having more discharge normal? and now i think its starting to smell =( i go to dr on monday should i just wait to tell them or what?

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Hi hope ur doing better! I think you should call your docter and tell him whats going on ur having a fever which its not normal and also the discharge call your doc its better to be safe! : ) good luck
I think that you should call your Dr. ASAP just to be safe since none of the symptoms your describing sound normal.
I say call your doctor as well. Best to be safe than sorry. Plus, the sooner you call, the sooner you'll feel more at ease with what you are going through and you'll relax (hopefully)
Like the ladies said before me, call your doctor, hon!  It'll put your mind at ease.
Call your doctor!
there are lots of vginal infections you could have that will do exactly that and that need to be tended to imediatly for the baby / if the discharge smells like fish its uually vagitius and if its bread or doughy smelling its usually a yeast infection . but he baby could be born with these infections like my friend was born with yeast infection in her throat cause her mom got one and didnt adress it .
ok so another ?... my dr wasnt open today, called hospital to talk to dr on call but no call back yet, should i just go to hospital ?

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