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3D Ultrasounds

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I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant and my husband and I are looking into getting the 3D ultrasound. I wanted to know from you women, who have already gotten it done, how far were you when you got it? I don't know if I should wait until I'm 30 weeks...

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I was between 28 and 30 weeks when I had mine done with our first.  We were extremely disappointed to pay all that money for the quality of what was taken.  It's something I didn't have control over, but both of our boys have "hugged" the placenta, smooshing their faces near it or their bodies near it.  So the pictures we got were of a smooshed baby boy.  They certainly were not the ones that are so cutely displayed on billboards and in the doctors offices.  We choose not to waste the money with our second and now that we are expecting #3 we don't have plans to do it again.  Probably not the answer you wanted, but my experience was not a great one. 
I had mine done at 28 weeks. The ultrasound tech at my OB office does them elsewhere and she recommended getting them done before your 30 week because they still have plenty of amniotic fluid. The place I went to had strict guidelines to follow to ensure a better picture...drinking 64 oz of water a day for at least a week before and no caffeinated, carbonated beverages, or gatoraid because the ingredients in those drinks could dehydrate you.Our little man is a snuggler so his face was pretty close to my uterus, but I thought the pics we received were good and I would definitely get them done next time. It's pretty cool to be able to see a glimpse of what they look like and the cute facial expressions they make.
Kristen, so past 30 weeks, the amniotic fluid is less? I wasn't aware of that. I think I will go ahead and schedule mine at 30 weeks. Thanks for the tips on the water intake =)

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