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4-D ultrasound

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Have any of you had a 4-D ultrasound? My dad paid for me to have one when I get farther along and I was wondering if anybody else had done it?

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I've seen and heard of the 3D ultrasound...but not the 4D...interesting. The 3D ultrasound is really cool because the pictures show your baby SO clear! and its wayyy easier to tell the gender of the baby if you want to know.I personally never got the 3D ultra sound because I dont have the $120 to spend on it (here where I live anyways)..even though I wanted to know what my baby is...I'm settling for a surprise :)
I've never had a 4D ultrasound done.  I've had the 3D and was extremely disappointed to spend all that money and not have any usable pictures.  My baby boy was pressed so far into the placenta he looked all smooshed.  (that was with my first born) so we decided not to do it again with our 2nd or this one, I would much rather put it towards a new stroller.  :)  Let us know what you think after you have it done.
hello i noe theres no other way to send msgs so i'm writing it here ! i have a question for you... i noe your wondering why me? right? WelIit's cus ur one of the top moms !! :)I guess it's mucus but it's yellowish and sort of clear and it smells very bad and i don't have not even the whole 24 hours since iv'e tookin a shower! And i haven't had sex so im pretty sure it's not that! Because iv'e heard that when your pregnant your have a very strong smell. I'm scared could i be pregnant? PLEASE HELP!

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