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At 4 weeks pregnant, can you see a positive result on a home pregnancy test?

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I found out I was pregnant at 2 weeks pregnant so I say yes!
thanks alot. i had sex on my most fertile day and my supposed due date is feb 28th 2011. i only took two test and it came out negative. my period is due the 22nd of this month. but so far ive gotten light cramps, breasts feel larger & i am very tired alot. i just dont know when to take this test for i can find out the truth if i am expecting or not.
my boyfriend & i was trying so i took a test every 3 days after a week of my last period my test was positive. its possiable
I found out at I believe 4 weeks. I felt like my period was just sitting there waiting for like the grand announcement to be made of it coming, but it never did. I felt the cramping ginormous painful boobs and right away you feel beyond exhausted! I was also one day late for my cycle and I have never been late. Took a test and now I am 6 weeks and 2 days along. Just go ahead and take the test and cross your fingers. Good luck hon!
I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks so yea you can find out that early
i was four weeks when i found out, the second day of my missed period. a very light second pink line on a dollar store pregnancy test taken late in the afternoon, also confirmed this morning by a visit to the doctor ^^'
Yes it can! I was 3 weeks pregnant when i took a dollar store pregnancy test and it confirmed that i was indeed pregnant with baby#2 :))

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