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Is 40 weeks the normal time of delivery?

2 answers
I am not a first time mom but I had my daughter at 36 weeks due to preclampsia and having to take her out through emergency c-section so I never got to experience contractions, my water breaking, or any thing. I am now pregnant again but I've been told by my OB that I have to have a planned c-section that will occur on my 39th week. However I've heard that you can go into labor before that and I'm not sure what to look out for or when to start looking out for it?

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When I had my second son I knew I was in labor because after eating i had diarrhea followed by cramps thats how i knew i was in labor my water never broke on its own and I am now pregnant with my fourth. Dont wait for the water to break the cramping will let you now.
I didn't have labor pains and my water didn't break as well but I did feel as though I had to go to the bathroom and couldn't and had little stomach cramps like gas pains and I tohught it was because i couldn't go but I called my mom and doctor andthey said come in andI was fully dilated and they broke my water

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