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5 months pregnant and really stressed? What are good ways to relax?

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1) I missed the city bus and had to walk a mile in order to catch the next one to get to school 2) some idiot was playing his car radio full blast on my way home and made my heart felt like it was just going to explode out of my chest 3) My husband keeps picking on me and encouraging my 3 yr old to do the same-How do I relax my head is pounding I can feel my blood pressure rising what do I do?

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try getting your kid to take a nap then go in your room and turn the light out and just lay there and relax and if you have like the relaxing sounds or anything like that it will help to thats what i always did when i was pregnant with my daughter good luck!
If you can afford it, spring for a massage. If you have a massage school near by they can be pretty reasonable. I paid about $25 - $30 an hour, here in Wisconsin.Otherwise, you might try meditation or yoga. (get instructions online)And tell the husband to quit picking on you. That is considered spousal abuse in some places.Hope this helps some. Good luck :)
I completely sympathize with you. I have twin 5 yr olds, a 1 yr old at home and I am 4 months pregnant. Not to mention an old dog who is about to die and a boyfriend who works out of town Monday thru Friday. On top of that I work a full time job. I have been thanking my lucky stars that my boss doesn't cath me dozing off at my desk everyday at 2. What I do is take 1 day to myself a week. Dad is home on Saturday, as soon as the kids are awake, he takes over whether he likes it or not. I lock myself in my room and sleep, watch TV, or go out. You need to have some time for yourself or else you will be like the hulk everytime your overwhelmed. Good luck

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