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5 weeks and feel depressed sometimes not sure why is that normal

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it's probably just your hormones.  your body is adjusting to growing a little one.  you will have mood swings where you will just cry for no reason or be really mad for no real reason, it's all part of growing a new life.  if it gets really bad be sure to talk to your doctor about it.  :)
yes it is very will get to ur prenatal care doctor and c what he/she suggest....u mostly feel alil depressed because u know u cant do any of the things u use to do befor u got pregnant....i have 5 i understand and im pregnant again...i get depressed to but it will all be over sooner then u think
I am also 5 weeks pregnent ... and feeling depressed from the past 2 days too ... i guess its normal .. as this one is my 3rd one ...and its a totally new experience one again...........
That was one of my first feelings, I was about 4 weeks when it started, I had just got done being sick, and I quit my job on a whim. two weeks later I took the test and got two lines. I am happy, though get this overwhelming guilty feeling, especially anytime I think about money. My fiance tells me we'll be alright and is so good about how emotically erratic I've been so far, but as far as I've been told it's normal and we're all going to be okay. :)

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