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6 months still small??

4 answers
my baby's turning 6months but my belly bump is still small.. is this normal for a bit chubby girl like me?

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It always depends. Everyone starts showing at different times.
This might be a little more to help. My friend is 7 months pregnant and she is tiny in the belly. I am 5 months and I am almost showing as much as her. So each body is different. 
you said a "bit chubby girl". everyone's bump size is different and if you are larger to begin with you may show less then others as far along as you. my coworker is a larger woman and no one could tell at all that she was pregnant until her last month (then her stomach changed just a bit). don't worry about it
true what they sayimg but iam chubby to and iam 12 and a day and iam showing a lil but its ok my best frinend is 8 mounths and she look like shes 2 in a half...

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