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6 weeks pregnant with no symptoms is this normal?

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I'm currently 6 weeks pregnant and haven't had any real symtoms other then peeing a bit more frequently and some what tender boos; is this normal or should I be worried?

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This is normal.  With my first pregnancy, I did not have any symptoms either.  I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and had morning sickness around 6-8 weeks. 
I've asked everyone that question & they all said it was normal. I'm 9 weeks prego and have still not had any symptoms.
So glad to hear; I'm so paranoid right now.  We were trying for 4 years and went through 2 failed IVFs before getting our positive.  I feel like I want to be sick to make sure everything is ok; the two week wait is long...but the first trimester is torturous. 
I was 4 weeks pregnant when we found out! I wasn't sick until about the 8th week, I was worried too due to having a miscarriage at our last attempt.I am now 11 wks and counting, doctor had to perscribe me medicine due to the sickness being so bad!  Hang in there if you are lucky like some of us are it will hit you soon:)
Consider yourself lucky!You're absolutely fine.  Some women get all of the miserable textbook sysmptoms straight from the start- others go 9 whole months barely noticing that they're pregnant!There aren't any 'required' symptoms for pregnancy, until you get into the last few months, where you'll need to make sure the baby is moving throughout the day.  During pregnancy, your body is changing rapidly every day, week and month, so just remember that even though you feel like a million bucks today, you could be hit with some symptoms next month.  It's all okay, unless you start spotting [think period spotting], or you have undeniable pain [though mild cramping is normal as your uterus starts growing]. Start reading all that you can about this journey you're on- it'll help you understand what CAN happen, and what IS happening- it'll ease your mind a lot.  Also remember to ask your doctor any questions you need to- chances are they've heard them all before!
If you don't have the symptoms now then they will show up later.  Some of us pregnant women never get some of the symptoms at all or a very mild case of them.  I wouldn't worry about it, but when you go to your first ob doctors appointment then I would discuss it with my ob doctor.  If you haven't already gotten the symptoms by then.  Good luck.
your lucky i have had morning sickness and can sleep my back hurts

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