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9 Weeks now; had a pap at 6 weeks, results came back abnormal.

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I am really nervous, because I have never had an abnormal pap smear before and this is my first pregnancy. They said that the abnormal cells were "mild to moderate" and they're not going to do further tests (colposcopy) until October 25, then I will have to wait a week or 2 to get those results! Has anyone else had an abnormal pap while pregnant? Also, I have my first ultrasound October 20 at 12 weeks, which I am very excited about.

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I'm sure they're prob just running extra tests to be safe. The abnormal cells may be caused by a yeast infection or something like that. If they were very worried about it they would do more testing before then. Good luck.
what were u diagnosed with? i had an abnormal pap a about a month weeks ago(when i was 12wks), it was a bacterial infection and they gave me antibiotics but everythings good now.. some things u just cant help
They didn't give me a diagnosis... I won't know until after my exam on October 25.
I was in the same boat as you, abnormal pap early in pregnancy and then had a colp. My doctor told me that this isn't uncommon and not to get worried or anxious. After the colp everything was "normal". Good luck!!
I had an abnormal pap the first time i got one, they told me they found cells for cervicle cancer but they werent to worried about it. they said its extrememly rare for someone under 20 to have it and that they might go away after i have the baby. so theyre gonna test again after i have her and see if its still abnormal. i wouldnt worry about it until they give u a diagnosis

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