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Adding on to an already large family??!

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My Husband and I have a mixed house. His, 6 year old girl. Hers, 8 year old boy, 5+ 2 year old girls. Ours, 10 month old boy. If you're keeping count, that's 5 all together. Well, before we could close down the factory, we just got the 2 pink lines =/ He's got a great job and I stay home, but I just don't know if we're up for the whole baby ride all over again! In this economy, I'm just not as sure as I was before. We definitely plan to have the baby, just not sure how to handle adding one more. Any advice?

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Take a deep breathe and relax. I understand feeling like you have more than enough kids, I'm working on #4 and its my first with my new husband. The economy does stink but if he has a good job than you are doing better than most all ready. My husbands job isn't great and he is really worried about taking care of this one once she gets here. I plan to go back to school so I can get a good job to help ease the stress he's feeling. If you are worried financially you could try finding some work, atleast part time so that you have that little bit of extra money. As for the not knowing if you can go through it all over again, it always gets better. You'll go to the dr and see your baby and hear its heartbeat and it will help calm your worries. My advice is to be as happy as possible about it because you are keeping your baby and you will wish you had been when it gets here. Just try to enjoy  it as much as you can. Good luck :)

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