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Adivce On Planning

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Hi Im 22 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and I have been on and off line for days trying to find ways to help me prepare for labor and the weeks after birth. All I have come up with though is getting a birth plan together. We have the names and registry done but Im a new mom and want everything to go as smoothly as possible! Any suggestions will be greatly appericiated!! Thanks!

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I think a birth plan is a wonderful idea and I plan on making one with this pregnancy also. My advice however is don't be set on it. The key to a smooth birth is keeping your options open and being flexible. Birth is not an easy thing and is painful. Your body or the baby might not be able to stick to the plans or you might change your mind while in labor. Listen to your body and go with the flow of your labor. Every woman labors differently so nobody has a way of knowing how it will be for you. But if you listen to your body and do what you feel is right it should make things easier for you.After the baby is a lot less sleep and your body tends to be a little more tired than usual due to the over working of it for labor and the healing process. If you bottle feed your baby it should wake every 4 hours to feed and breastfed every 2 to 3. All babies are different though so the times may vary. I wish you all the happiness in the world with your new family. Good luck. :)
MommyofZoo is right, be flexible.  Neither of my previous births went as I planned in my head.  With my first I wanted to do it completely natural, but I was enduced and refused the first.  I made it to 5cms before the pain was too much and I gave in to the decision I ever made - besides marrying my hubby!  lol!  With my second I went in there knowing I was having an epidural...didn't happen.  My labor progressed so fast there was no time (it didn't help that I walked around 4cm for 3 weeks before he was born).  It shouldn't have surprised me that he was born in 45 minutes.  Being flexible to things not going how you plan them is very key.  Pack your bag well ahead of time in case you go into labor early.  Take 2 or 3 different sized going home outfits for your little one.  The ultrasounds are only a guesstimate on your baby's weight and can be off.  Have the room for your little one done and put together by 32 weeks in case you go early (crib up and everything).  Ours didn't use their cribs except during the day, they always slept in a bassinet by my bedside at night, but it's nice to have it up and ready if you want to use it.  Have a date night or two with your husband, do some things that you won't be able to do for a while after the go to a movie or a really nice restaurant.  Relax and enjoy!!!
Thank you both very much for your advice!! I'll Deffinatly go with the flow and try to relax a little bit more!! I guess being only 24 weeks right now is a little early to be getting worried about everything! Ha Ha!!

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