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ok im in my 2nd trimester tonight and i want to know what sex postion that we can do? im going to be straight with this i LOVE doggy style and i haven't done it yet because i dont know if it would hurt the baby or not? Also im having all the syptoms of a boy and everybody is telling me that im having a girl and i wont be able to find out what he/she will be hopefully soon but how do i do it without being rude because i dont want them to be anything or nothing to this child. im sorry yall may be lost my boyriend parents if you want to call them that never once helped one when we needed help and they are telling to do this and that bbut i dont want nothing to do with them. oh i lost all trust with them too but i just dont know how to tell them to back off. im really am a caring person but they didnt care and i tryed for so long to get them to help us but they just wouldnt and that is why i dont want them to be a part of this!!! i know that i will have my brother his fieance and my side of the family to help me through this but i feel so lost sometimes. ANY ADVICE I would love it thanks so much much love danielle

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BREATHE!!!! Doggy on-- that shouldn't matter as long as your are comfortable-- put a pillow under your breasts so you belly doesn't smack into the bed. With the parental issues, you're on your own there-- if bf won't talk to them, you just ignore them . . .Just a quick point here, if they are "telling you what to do" they may be trying to be involved in the only way they know how. . .  Good luck to you sweety :)
as for the doggy style.. as I get further along the positions that are hte most comfortable are the ones with my boyfriend behind me and stuff like that so doggy has become a favorite for us as well.. although it wasnt before lol..and with your boyfriend parents.. I think that they probably do mean well but dont stress too much about it.. I have found ways to just shrug people off or ignore the comments with my boyfriends family because I didnt want their advice with my first pregnancy nor do I with this one.. just stay calm and try not to stress too much about everything not good for you or your baby.. and try to get your boyfriend on your side and atleast tell them to back off its stressing you.. good luck
No position you try should hurt the baby. It's pretty safely tucked away and won't be able to feel anything but the motion(kind of like a boat rocking in the water). So any position you desire should be fine.As for the parents, I know they can be very irritating. So I would sujest trying to take in what they say, if you get too worked up at first take time to cool down, then go back over what they're trying to tell you. You might find it helpful or that they were trying to be helpful atleast. If not take it with a grain of salt and let it go in one ear and out the other. Good luck.
thank yall so much i usually let it go in one ear and out the other bc they are really bad influence and thanks also for the advice on the position i cant really enjoy sex any other way so im going to keep doggy it on lol oh also for the past week i been feeling nauseas and its usually when i wake up i think its bc im hungry so i usually throw up and then eat something bc that usually helps me sometimes thanks yall so much
i love doggy style too and i just always put pillows under my breast so my tummy doesent smack down but if its starts to be painful then you should try doin it on your side its not as fun but its painless thats what i had to do with my 8 month old alissa because doggy style was getting painful

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