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After how many ear infections should you get tubes or it's by kid age?

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I would like to know the average and what is safe for my 3 years old daughter. We talked to our doctor and we are following her recommandations. But I was just curious about what other people are doing about it.

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Our first son had chronic ear infections from the time he was 4 months old until he was just over 3 years old.  We were very hesitant to put tubes in his ears.  I've heard they helped, but our pediatrician referred us to an ear, nose and throat specialist.  The doctor examined his ears and refused to do it.  He recommended that he get a series of shots in his legs (very painful) every other day for 1 week.  Basically he got a shot on Mon, Wed, and Fri.  It cured his chronic ear infections.  We thankfully have not had one since then and it's been 2 years!!!!!  Basically the meds were getting rid of just enough of the infection that you couldn't see it by the ear scope but it was still there, so it would come back with a vengence within a short period of time.  And we would start the meds all over again.  It was horrible.  Thankfully once he got the shots and really got cleared up the same doctor confirmed no damage to his hearing (although you wouldn't know it sometimes when you tell him the same thing 5 times - lol).  Ask about injections to rid of ear infections first or ask for a referral to a specialist.  :)
My daughter had them too. Thankfully we are very close to a huge childrens' hospital, so she went straight to a specialist. They told us they wouldn't even consider tubes until she was 5 or 6. They also told us to stop treating with antibiotics, because kids with chronic ear infections are more likely to become resistant to antibiotics when they get bigger, because they have them so much as a kid. I've never heard of the shots though. Our doctors suggested sleeping sitting up (which means mom or dad sleeping sitting up holding her), monitoring, and natural drops to help relax her and cope with the pain. I wish I could tell you how it all works out in the end, but she's only 4.5, so we're not there yet!
I had maybe 6 ear infections as a baby. My mother was suppose to get tubes in my ears bt she didnt, so I have alot of scaring inside my ear cannal and I still dealw ith getting ear infections very easily
Wow!  Thank you so much ladies!  You are giving me a lot to think about and to talk about with our pediatrician.  We had an appointment last Friday and she was on a good track, but not done with her antibiotics yet.  She has a few more days of it.  I really hope she is not to a "chronic" stage yet.Wish me good luck! :-)

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