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is albeuterol safe when pregnant?

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i have asthma and so when i have an asthma attack i rely on my rescue inhaler to try and keep me out of the emergency roombut i am 6 weeks pregnant and i do not want to risk my babys safety.

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I have asthma as well and use my inhaler quite often. The inhalant medications for asthma are far safer than the oral medications. If you are on oral medications for it I suggest you see your pulmonologist and see if their are any other alternatives. I used albuterol a lot when I was pregnant with my 7 year old and he's fine. My OB hasn't said otherwise, infact I was told that I need to take breathing treatments regularly. If you aren't getting enough oxygen, neither is your baby. You and your baby will be fine, if you are still concerned consult your OB. I hope this helps. Congrats as well and good luck!

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