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All Natural?

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As i was reading your answers to Crystallkathryn's question, "c section, natural, water birth" I thought of a question of my own... "Please share your experiences I would like to know the pros and cons :))). Thankyou and goodluck to everyone on a safe healthy pregnancy and recovery!!" - Crystalkathryn Hmmm... I have always wanted to do a all natural birth, no drugs, but alot of you said that you chose the oposite... the only reason i didnt want to have any kind of drugs is because i heard it was healthier for the baby, although i dont really know the specifics on why. So i guess what i'm asking is what are the pros and cons for choosing to go without drugs? I mean besides pain as a con lol... can drugs be benificial to the baby? or harmful? and why? what about to me?

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I was watching this one show and it was a while ago so i may have this wrong lol but i heard it is safe to use the drugs lol... cause it keeps u calm and which puts less stress on the baby... but again not sure lol
My daughter was not affected by the epidural that I had at all.. I am actually one of the ones that responded to the question that you are referring too and I had went into it wanting no drugs but gave in after so long and got the epidural.. she was absolutly fine.. she was healthy and was able to latch on and start nursing right away.. I know that my labor went faster once I had gotten the epidural.. my dr explained it to me as it helped your body relax and not tense up from the pain. because even if you are trying to do all the breathing techniques your body isnt completly relaxed.. once I had the epidural I was more comfortable and the labor went better.. good luck =)
well my daughter nicole wasnt affected either i wanted no drugs at all when i first got there but i was really tense from the pain so i got the epidural and once i was relaxed the labor and delievery went by very smoothly
Check out these books:1. The Thinking Woman's Guide to Childbirth2. Childbirth Without Fear3. Active Birth: The New Approach to Giving Birth NaturallyReading these books helped me form my own opion about what I wanted my birth plan to be and why. (I am also trying to keep an open mind; you never know what's going to come up).Good luck!

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