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almost 17 weeks and still dont feel anything..?

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this is my first pregnancy and I am a very small person. 5'2 and like 100 lbs im barely starting to show and dont feel any movements. is this normal? my friend is 20 wks and she already looks 9 months! i want to be huge already!!! when will this happen?

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Don't fret.  Everyone is different, all pregnancies show different.  All three of mine have been very different, my first I barely showed for a long time and then it was like I swallowed a basketball very low the whole time.  My second I carried in the middle the whole time, so everyone thought it was a girl.  I'm on my third now and I'm extremely high, like under my nose :).  They are all boys.  3 pregnancies, carrying them all different, and so far both of my boys are just about as different as I carried them too.  I wouldn't worry about comparing yourself, as long as you are eating right and staying hydrated then you are doing whats right for your body and your little one.  With your first you tend to feel movements later anyway, think around 24 weeks.  You'll feel flutters now adn then here pretty soon, but you will really start to feel it around 6 months.  Hope this helps & good luck!
Don't worry. I didn't start to feel any movements until I was 20+ weeks. I would often worry and ask my doctor and she told me that since its my first pregnancy, my muscles are tighter therefore I wont feel much movement until later. I didn't start showing until I was about 5 1/2 months. I am having a boy and seems like a swolled a basketball...LOL. Don't compare yourself to others, I learned that from day 1. Hope that helps =)
yea deff dnt compare urself to olther ppl, if u do it will drive u nuts..i didnt start showing alittle till around 15 or 16 19 weeks tomorrow and feel slight movement sometimes..feels like gas or a little fish moving around. dont worry u will feel and look it soon!
thank you all!!
Like others said already, everyone is different.  My baby is due 1/11/11 and everyone, but the doctor is concerned with me being so "small" (in their opinions).  Next time they tell you that you aren't the size you should be simple say what my doctor told me to say: "Excuse me but unless you have a medical degree like my OBGYN does, (he or she) isn't concerned so you shouldn't be either!"  People telling you that all the time you aren't the right size will start to drive you crazy and make you worry, but as long as your dr. says your ok don't trip.  And also everyone feels their baby move at different times.  I've been told that you may take longer when it's your first pregnancy.  I was constantly being told that I would feel flutters but if you've never been pregnant before then you may think it's just gas.  Believe me you will eventually have NO DOUBT that it is the baby moving.

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