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almost evr one ii kno that was pregnant have had cravings.. y havnt ii had ANY? also., ii gained 10lbs in 3mnths, and ii bee soo hungry ii

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dont understand y. ? im not trying to gain alot of weight but this baby has me starving throughout the day and ii get so sick ii can barely stand it.. SHOOT. ! ! is there friggin twins in their or what. ? ! i'm always sick and ii feel lyk im gettin so big at jusst 3months.. i'v had 2doc appointments so far, and they havnt detected any other 1's in their could their be a mistake??? twiins do run on my baby's fathers side of the fam...

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Twins can only come from the mother. Fraternal twins (2 eggs produced in the same cycle, is a hereditary trait from the mother. Identical twins (1 egg produced in the cycle and splits) is not hereditary and just something that happens.You should expect to be hungry, your body is making a baby! But you should also watch what you're eating. Is it possible that you have put on 10lbs because you are eating some not-so-healthy items? Try to ease your hunger by having carrot sticks instead of potato chips and you wont get as many calories. Plus it's better for you and your baby! If you still want potato chips, just remember "All things in moderation".

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