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alot of trouble sleeping help!!!!

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any ideas on how to get some sleep

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You just found out you are 39 weeks pregnant - girl you should be exhausted!!!  Take a safe amount of tylenol and put on some soft music and get some sleep.  You will have a baby in a week or less and you will need all the sleep you can get!
thanks i was really worried that i wouldnt be able to sleep and then i would be really tierd when i haave the baby
Your doctor made a huge mistake with the difference of about 20 weeks...I really hope you plan to go after him with some sort law suit, Nita.
i was thinking about it but hes a new docter and hes young so i cant really blame him
YES you can blame him!  They go through med school and a lot of it to not make mistakes like this.  That is not a little mistake - it's HUGE!  You don't get just a med degree and call it done.  An obgyn has a lot a training they have to do - all docs do really, but he should have known better.  So should your ultrasound tech.  Something is fishy there!
well i just got my due date they said its tomorrow so wish me luck
good luck! hope it goes well
good luck! let us know how it goes!
Havin trouble sleepin is just the way your body prep for those middle of the night feedings and sleep that you wont get when your baby comes. Exercise or a good walk in the evening, not too much to eat before bed, a warm bath, a fan music, and a body pillow! Those are the best things you can do but frequent awakenings through the night are just part of it so find your most comfortable position and have your hubby tickle you to sleep

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