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already overweight.....

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Im already 200lbs and im not even close to being out of my 1st trimester!!! Waht do I do!!! I eat right but i dont know what to do...

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I'm also overweight, i started eatin right and doing a little walkin and lost 25 pounds between my first trimester. Now i'm 5 months and i gained 6 pounds back i think it's because i eat alot of fruit and not alot of carbs. So keep up the good work and you will see a difference. congrats
google my food pyramid to make sure your eating the right amounts of what you need for your own body and your baby. i quit my job back in march and ever since i've been a stay at home mom I thought I was eating healthy, just not the right amounts and I gained seven pounds in five months NOT being pregnant. i just found out I'm four weeks pregnant, and I'm 193 lbs. my doctor told me healthy diet, prenatals, 30-45 minutes of walking every day and I should be fine =)

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