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am 18 realy happy that am pregnant and that am living with him and

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gettin marry on november 26,2010 am realy happy but , for the day day am gettin marry my mom , shes not going to be with me and shes not goin to give me away and this is realy upsetting . but my question is does my mom not being in my weading not giving me away makes it sad but does y pregnancy makes it seem more upssetin than it realy is ?

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I think it's natural to feel sad that your parent doesn't approve or want to participate in your joyous event no matter if you are pregnant or not.  Don't let your pregnancy and emotions become an excuse for being upset by your mother.  My father refused to come to our wedding (the week before) and it still hurts 7 years later.  The feelings you have are real feelings.  She may not agree with your choices, but they are just that, your choices.  Try to talk to her again and explain your feelings, if she still chooses not to then move on with your happy day without her; she'll be the one regretting it in the end. 
I agree that you shouldn't let your pregnancy emotions be an excuse but they do make you more sensitive. It is very understandable to be upset about your mom not participating in your happiness. When I got prego the first time i was 16 and had had an amazing relationship with my daddy. Once he found out he started talking bad about me with me in the room but wouldn't talk to me and wouldn't even tell me he loved me when I told him! I understand the disappointment parents can put you through. I wouldn't let her off the hook about not being a part. Tell her she upset you. I hope this has helped and I hope things get better for you. Good luck sweetie! :)
It's hard being young and pregnant and really hard when the people you love don't support the decitions you make i am not going to be able to marry my fiance until after my baby is born because of the lack of support we are getting but you have to put your baby and feels for your fiance before how anyone else feels

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