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Am I in this alone or do other people feel this way?

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In 2009 I joined the navy and I now live 12 hours away form my family. I was supposed to be on deployment but when I learned I was expecting they flew me straight back. All of my friends are out to sea and none of my fmaily has the means to fly up here often nor at all and I was wondering if there where other people that have to deal with the same sitiutaion or something similar. I also would like to find out if there are more people in my area... but am I really in this alone?

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i  live 1 hr away from my family and friends and i feel alone and i was used to working 40hr a week with tons of people around me and from that to just me and my husband i go crazy.... being an hr away feels like more so i can only say that i understand but it must be so hard dor you ....
Try Craigslist - I posted on there for a walking partner and found an awesome one (I specified that I'd like someone who's about as pregnant as I am so we could keep up with each other - the plus side is we can talk 'pregnancy' without ever worrying that the other is bored of it).  Just be careful to really find out who you're talking to with a few long-ish emails, and meet in public, etc.
I live 9 hours from my parents and my sisters are even farther away than that, one is currently in South America.  I think I have an idea of what you mean about being alone.  The thing that saves me is phone conversations.  I call my mom just about everyday and talk to her and sometimes we do a crossword puzzle together over the phone.  Because we have free longdistance cell phones it doesn't cost very much either.  I also write to my sister in Chile at least once a week.  That way I can feel more connected with her. She is so excited to hear about my pregnancy because she wont be back until after my baby is born. She loves to get pictures and hear about what's new.  It really does make the time pass well when you have emails to send.Another thing that helps me is going to church every week, simply for the social aspect.  I feel like I can talk to other ladies who are pregnant, there are a few, and even the women who have older children.  You don't necessarly have to have that at church.  You can join other clubs or groups in your community to help you meet people.  I like the idea of a walking buddy.  That way you can be active and social.If you don't already have one, you may consider getting a facebook account.  You'd be surprised how much there is to do and how many people there are to talk to.  it can really pass the time and make you feel more connected with the world around you and old friend and sometimes you can even make new ones too.I know I wont get to see my family again until after my baby is born in December.  It's tough especially since I have to miss spending the holidays with them, but I know that it's only for now.  You can do this :)  Just stay positive and look into phone plans with free long distance.
I honestly would love to get back into church but I dont know how I feel being pregnant and going through a divorce and getting that "jugded" feeling. I know true christians would accept this with open arms but then there are some who just arent. Thats my biggest thing. Im from a very small town so small in fact everyone knows everyone and so going to church isnt like meeting new people. Being here is like moving to a different country. My son to be ex-husband is in South Korea and he doesnt help at all with anything. We are getting a divorce because he was unfaithful and along this journey my bestfriend (male) stuck by my side and soon it turned it to I did realize I had loved him for the past four years and never knew it. Ok so maybe I am a bad person for that but I was always faithful and never gave him a reason not to be. Now the babys father isnt interested in picking out things for the baby let alone everything I am going through being pregnant. I dont have friends at all here and to be honest everything yall have said makes me feel a little better about my situation.
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