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Am I eating TOOO much??

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I am 15 weeks preggo. & Im alwaysss hungry. Sometimes i dont always eat the Best foods, I just eat whatevers cooked are whatever I want. Even if i just ate a Biggg Meal, Im still hungry for moree... Its like I cant stop eating, I was always sort of "GREEDY" tho.. When i first became preggo, i weighed 121 lbs. Now I weigh 135 lbs & im scared i'll become overweight & never be able to lose it all. Is this normal? Please tell me some thingss.

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well I wouldn't worry about becoming over weight while your pregnant. if you work hard at it you can and will lose the baby weight. I myself am overweight and pregnant at 8 months with my first child and I have absolutley no health problems. I've also only ganied 18lbs so far and plan like hell to lose the baby weight plus more so i can be a healthy active mommma. so the weight gain is just different for every pregnant women but  you should be just fine. In the early months of my pregnancy I would have days when I just couldn't seem to get enough food or curb my appitte. I also had days though when I just didn't feel like eating much. But every since I've been pregnant I'm always really hungry first thing in the morning and usualy eat more at breakfeast then any other mean but as you get farther along you stomach will become squeshed and u will probably eat more often but a lot less at a meal. this is how it was and is for me. Do try to eat healthy your baby needs the propper nutriotion to grow healhy and strong without helath issures and make sure you are drinking plenty of water your body now needs more water for your own body and the baby. Also make sure you get on prenatal vitmans asap if you haven't already. you can get them at in rite aid or simarl store. Hopes this helps.
Thankss alot. I do feel better now about the situation =) Because I too was having trouble eating alot in the beginning and keeping down foods. But now its like i cant stop eatinggg. I do eat healthy 80% of the time. Prenatals were making me queezy, so my Nurse Practicioner reccomended that i take Fred Flinstones Chewables, She says they have EVERYTHING the baby needs and their Good! =) so that was a plus! But when I turn 4 months, I will go back to my Prenatals. Water is my fave, i drink tonss of it. Hardly any Sodas.. yuck! But again thanks alot. I apprecite it!=))
I wouldn't worry too much about how much your eating so long as they're the right calories, not empty ones.  And plus, keep exercising throughout your pregnancy, it helps you lose the weight post much easier.  Also, exercising can help work the muscles you'll need for labor and delivery.  Enjoy the foods you can eat and maybe think about switching some of them for something new.  Instead of bread and jam try whole wheat with a yummy kind of honey like blackberry or killer bee, less calories than jam and just as sweet!

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