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am i the only one with boy troubles?

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So this all might sound stupid, but I'm so much more sensitive now and EVERY LITTLE THING bothers me. I hate how my myspace has pics of us and has alot about us, but I'm not even on his top or anything.. It didn't bother me before, but now it does extremely. And I hate how he blames everything on me being pregnant, like I'm a huge b- word because I'm pregnant and I'm lazy cause I'm pregnant and he doesn't see why he should be here with me instead of out with his buddies cause "You're not even that far along". :((( I'm starting to resent him and I KNOW this won't be good when ever baby comes... Idk what to do, I feel like he doesn't care at all and it's all about him.. Help please!! I feel like I'm crashing or falling. Like I'm not in control of myself anymore :(((((((

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Look here i noe your baby's daddy is the most important thing to you right! Of course hello he's the dad but you should think more about your baby now don't you think all this stress is doing your baby no good? Did you ever sit down and think about it? Im guessing not! I know when pregnant you get sensetive but try your best to keep calm! Do things that will keep this guy off your head for the day! And remember think of your baby's health! :) good luck!
I've noticed when you post about him you call him a boy, and thats just what he is a boy. Also don't worry about that myspace crap, just think about the baby and you, if you have alot of clothes for your baby fold them, do a little cleaning, when my Boyfriend goes out, he goes to alot of concerts, and its hard, try making a pizza or pancakes, or whatever, Its not hard to put together baby stuff either, so i do it while he watches, and if he gets madd tell him if he was there he could ahve helped, there are tons of things you can do, just remember, you need baby detergent for the clothes, i wash my clothes in it as well.  Good luck:)
I hear so many girls this happens to.. do you have other support to help you out? some BOYS just wont man up to the responsiblity. Though he may be a great guy, but maybe he just isnt dad type right now.. Maybe when he sees the baby it will change him. But act like you dont care that he isnt around and that you dont need him to help or do anything for you. Actually even though I have a great relationship with my husband I still do this lol.. It works, he say i need something then ill just hop up well as much of a hop a 36 week pregnant can do lol and go to get it he calls me a butt lol tells me to sit down relax, he can do it and everything, but makes me feel helpless and I can do things on my own im not helpless lol.. and if it doesnt work, then maybe it just isnt meant to be you have to think of your baby now. baby is the most important thing now, hope everything works out good luck
I definitely would encourage you to refocus your frustration and disappointment elsewhere like previously mentioned. I have no relationship right now with my son's father, but I've accepted that he isn't my main priority or worthy of my resentment. Whenever he comes into my mind, I instantly do something to refocus my attention. I might even verbalize how I feel to someone or write it out.Additionally, I would recommend you communicating to your boyfriend how you feel; where improvement is needed; and how to make Team Parents work.  Understand that he may not care, but at least you brought it to his attention.

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