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Am I really pregnant? I tested positive and I'm late, but I have absolutely no symptoms! Now i'm just confused!!

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You wont always have symptoms really early on in your pregnancy. If you are late and have tested positive on a couple of tests then I would believe you are definitly pregnant. You can schedule an appointment at your dr office and they will give you a blood test which is completly accurate.. but congrats!!
With my first son I had so symptoms at all. I missed my period and that was my clue to take a test. Other than that I never felt sick or any other kind of symptoms pregnant women experience.  For my 2nd son things were very different and this time with my 3rd and last it has been the worst! lol  
this is my first baby and i am 15 weeks i have not had any symptoms yet
i have had alot of symtoms like morning sickness heart burn and all of that but most women say that they dont have any symptoms
I am about 23 weeks and only started getting symptoms maybe two months ago when I was about 3 months. Other than that the only symptom I've had really is fatigue but that also has to do with chasing my 8 1/2 month old son around all the time. What clued me in was missing my period.
I feel the same way. Im 12wks and have to syptoms at all beside being tired. Never Sick though. Its scary sometimes but maybe were just lucky.
Not all the pregnancy are the same. Each pregnancy is different, just because the first one you had symthom doesnt mean you getting them with the rest
Me not having a period was my only indication. From the moment i found out, until i had the little man, i didnt have a symptom at all.. i didnt even start showing until i was six months prego!! no one would have ever know besides me not drinking or smoking any more..

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