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Am I at risk

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I had a miscarriage on March 23, then found out on April 23 that I am pregnant again. I am afraid to get excited about this pregnancy or even to tell my Husband yet. Am I at a higher risk of miscarrying again?

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They say if you've already had a miscarriage, or other complications with previous pregnancies, then it could put you at risk again... but just remember, even if you are, things could very well still be okay! Having never been in your situation, the only best and only thing that I could suggest is to get to a doctor ASAP to get some straight answers.  As for your husband, you could tell him after you et the facts straight, or you could give him the heads up before a visit to the doctor and go from there.  If he's a keeper, he'll be with you every step of the way!  Good luck!
I would tell my husband.  He needs to know and if you end up miscarrying again he can be there to support you.  I would also advise getting to a doctor as soon as possible.  Let them know what happened the last time if they don't already know and then they can determine what is going to happen.  Also did you ever find out last time why you miscarried?  My sisters both have something that can cause miscarriages it is called Factor 5 Lyden.  It is a blood clotting disorder and they need to get put on blood thinners as soon as they possibly can.  I myself have been tested for that and I don't have it, but I am a carrier for it.
I would suggest that you go to the doctor to test whether or not the pregnancy hormone is completely gone. Women who have miscarriages often have false positives because they still have the hormone in them for a long time. Because it is only a month after your miscarriage, there's a possibility you are not pregnant. It took me about 3 months after my miscarriage to get pregnant again. I hope you are pregnant and that you give birth to a healthy baby. Good luck and Congratualations!

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