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am in my first trimester(6 weeks and a couple days)is it safe to lay on my stomach?

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i mean sleep on my stomach!!!

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Congrats!  It's absolutely safe for you to sleep on your stomach!  Enjoy that tummy time while you can because once your uterus  moves up into your abdomen, it will be uncomfortable.  I am experiencing this now (14 weeks) :)
I am over 36 weeks.. I still sleep on the side of my stomach.. (they recommend sleeping on your side this late in pregnancy) I wake up quite often and am kinda on the side of my tummy though... You will get to the point where you can't lay flat on your stomach - I use lots of pillows to prop myself up and make myself comfortable. :)
I'm 9 weeks and all i want to do is sleep on my stomach is the only comfortable way to sleep for me, i think is okay until your belly starts to grow and you can't do it anymore... congrats :)
Im also 9 weeks as of tomorrow and i try to sleep on my stomach, but my growing tummy is making it harder, so i sleep on the side of my tummy.. kinda... But yeah its safe dont worry about!! I have heard that if you sleep on your left side you bring more blood to the baby, but im not sure if thats true..

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