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So my next appointment is coming up and they're wanting to do "Alpha-Fetaprotein (AFP) or Amniocentesis. I've heard a lot of bad things about the amnio... everyone says its optional.. I don't remember my dr telling me about having to take it, but its on my paper that shows all the appointments i have thru-out the pregnancy.. My medical history and everything is completely normal/good.. so i have no reason to have an amnio, rite? And is it really optional? I really dont want it.. cuz they have to stick a needle in my stomach to get some of the water out of the placenta .. and i heard it causes misscarriages cuz the hole doesn't heal very fast or possibly stabbing the baby with the needle. What is the "Alpha-Fetaprotein"?? is it safe? how is it done and what is it for? I'm really concerned! I don't want anything to happen to my baby! Please let me know something!

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im pretty sure that the amni is optional..unless they r testing for something specific. i know that i could have had the amni done to test for downsyndrome and CF but they give it to u as an ur doctor and ask y u have an appt for that and ask if its optional.
It's always been optional for us.  We are on our 3rd and I've "opted" not to have it done.  You can tell your doctor that you would prefer not to do it.  I didn't like the idea of the needle or knowing and having to worry for months that something was wrong with my child.  Our thoughts have always been if that is the child God gives us then obviously he knew we could care for a child with such needs; but some people prefer to know.  We wouldn't abort and I don't want the stress of thinking about it for the next 4 months so we chose not to do it.  Talk to your doc and get more info.  :)
I agree completely with lissiemel.. We have not done it nor would I want too.. I wouldnt want to know if something was wrong with my baby, we wouldnt ever abort so it would just be added stress on me as well. I would definitly call your dr and ask more about why they had it scheduled to be done.. I cant believe that they scheduled it to be done but they didnt say anything to you about why or anything. definitly call.. and do whatever makes you feel more comfortable wether that is doing the amnio or not =)
I don't want to do the amnio.. i don't want to end up having a misscarriage or stillborn... i'd rather wait til the baby's born to find out if something's wrong with my child.. I have no reason to have anything wrong anyways.. i have no medical history of any type of diseases that run in the family.
It's optional.  Tell them you don't want it.  If they insist, I suggest walking out of the appointment and changing doctors ASAP.

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