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I have had some serious anxiety. For one i am almost 16 wks. I ahve never had any bleeding whatsoever never had any concern from my doc that anything was wrong at all but ims till worried. I go back tot he doc dec 28 i get so worried in between visits about things like is the the heart still beating? Am i going to have astill birth. I have dreams about about having a miscarriage.I want to enjoy my pregnancy ...Help

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That is completley normal. I remember when I first found out I was pregnant, I was scared to sneeze because I thought it would hurt the baby! hahaeveryone gets a little scared,even when theres nothing wrong. what you can do though is ask your doctor if there is a number you can call if something does happen.a few weeks ago I was spotting a bit and freaked I called the number that my doctor gave me in case I had a question,and the nurse on the line made me feel much better and helped me out.also,if you have the money,you can go out and buy a doppler so you can hear the babys heart beat at home. My friend got one given to her as a gift,and she uses it all the time. Mind you, they're quite expensive...
You sound like you are having a healthy pregnancy and that's great!  See my other post response to you.  Hope it helps! 

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