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any advice on how to help with hip pain while sleeping?

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I am 37 weeks today....dialated to 5, 70 effaced, and last ultrasound said baby is running around 8 pounds. My biggest problem (besides being huge and uncomfortable :) is that I CAN NOT find a comfortable position to sleep. Sleeping on my side is probably the best of the worst, but I end up with the worst hip pain. I have tried sleeping with a pillow between my knees, but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and if there was a strategy that could help. Thank you for help!!

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I am 35 wks and have the same problem!! The only way I can sleep is to literally surround myself with pillows. I use one of those body pillows and then regular ones for between my knees and one that I put almost under my back.That usually keeps me comfy for a couple of hours or until I have to go to the bathroom again lol..
I'm 24 weeks with the same problem. I know it's important to sleep on your left side, but I wake up way too often with hip pain. I agree with the above comment. I recently started sleeping with a pillow between by knees and behind my's helped quite a bit!
I'm 29weeks pregnant and have the same problem as well. What seems to help with my hip pain is if i use a really stuffed pillow between my that puts alot of space between my knees. Also i put normal sized pillows around my under my a lil under my back(if i'm sleeping on a bed) and two for my head. Also for me i find it helps alot for back suppor as well as not rolling on ur back to sleep on the couch. Hope this helps!
Try proping yourself up with a pillow or two, like sleeping in a recliner. Make sure to prop yourself up so you dont put to  much pressure on that vein.

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