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Any ideas on fun baby shower games??!!

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pliiizz any ideas will be helpfull! me & my sister are both pregnant but shes having a boy and im having a girl ! :D so were throwing our babyshowers together....! yay! thanks!

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for my girlfriend's baby shower we had pin the diaper on the baby (pictures of course), drinking games of milk through baby bottles, name that food blind folded (using those jarred baby foods), guess the girth (this is where someone ties a ribbon around the mother-to-be's wife and guesses how big her tummy is. they write it down and then remove the ribbon and the next person goes..whoever is closest wins!), and guess how many (we filled a baby bottle full of jelly beans and when everyone came in they had to guess how many was in the bottle. whoever won got the bottle!). Just a few ideas that we did. Hope this helps!
oops i meant tie a ribbon around the mother-to-be's BELLY, not wife....haha. sorry.
Something else that is fun, and great for a group with a sense of humor is to take clean diapers and melt different kinds of chocolate bars in them, have everyone pass them around and try and guess which candy bar is in each diaper. My friends got a kick out of it.
When I gave my sis-in-law a shower we figured out how many people were going to attend and bought white onesies, of different sizes (that way the baby can wear them at different stages), and t-shirt markers, since we had too many people we teamed everyone up in 2's, and had them design baby onesies.  It was a lot of fun, the new mommy got to pick the winning outfit and they got a prize, she got personalized onseies from her family and friends.  It's also a good way (the teams) to get people laughing and socailizing about the little one! 
thanks everyone those are very creatiive and seem funnn! i will most def try these alll!! :)
we went to like wal-mart in the wedding section and there are some little (i mean tiny) babies in a plastic bag and you get some ice trays and place the babies in them and freeze them and you get some baggies after they are froze put them in the bags and at the start of ya'lls shower pass them out and see who melts the baby out of the ice cube first and they have to hollar "my water broke"! ( it was interesting to see how these people got their ice to melt)

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