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Any one have suggestions for a middle name for Kay-leah?

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I'm naming my baby girl Kay-leah, after my mom Marilyn Kaye, but cannot think of a middle name for her. I'm getting induced on the 21st so any replies would be greatly appreciated!

answers (21)

Sue, Madison, Anne, Marie, May, or Lynn
Marie goes beautifully with most names.
Grace is one of my favorite names
Ann, Anne, Michelle, or Lynn. Good Luck!
Ava, Ella, Emma,,, Hope this helps 
Thank You to all who submitted answers!
Briann, Marie,Jewell
ellie and marie r both gorgeous names and will go together with most names
How about Olivia? LEt me know if this is what you decide!!!! I dont check my internet things but once a week!!! Hope all is well and good luck at the birth!!!!!! If youd like to text me my number is 815-499-3111 (please no one else use this # but JC78) Have a great day!!


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