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Any suggestions on how to help my son sleep?

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My husband works a 2nd shift. From 5 pm to 2 am. I love my son so much he is my best friend and we are very close. We bed share and needless to say I am not to happy about it anymore. My son guilts me in to it. He sits up in his crib and cries for momma and he thinks that night time is his time to play. I don't really know what to do and I need suggestions. I am the boiling point. I am struggling with sleep deprivation, because my son and my husband kick me out of the bed. My son has a perfectly good room and it's his and he won't sleep in it. I also need to know should he nap twice a day or once? I like to spend time with my husband right after he comes home and then I like to go to bed after an hour of snuggling. I love my son, but I am so tired of my back hurting. HELP! I never should of bed shared!

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How old is your son?  That question has to do with the naps and how many times a day he's taking them.  We bed shared unintentionally with our first son until he was about 3-3 1/2 years old.  It was easiest at first, gave us bonding time and we didn't see it as an first.  Then like you said he has a perfectly good bed, but didn't want to use it.  Honestly, we had to buckle down and stick to a strict schedule.  If he cried, he cried, but we didn't go get him.  We had to make sure he went down at the same time every night, the same way until a routine was established.  Now he sleeps through the night every night in his bed.  You have time and the power to adjust his schedule.  Sit down figure out how much he actually sleeps a day, if too many naps or too long of naps cuts into when he actually sleeps and when you want him to sleep cut them out.  Both of our boys required 10+ hours of sleep between nap and bedtime; we adjusted the nap length and the sleep worked itself out.  But like I said we had to be strict about where he slept and we used rewards for both of them based on how many days in a row they could sleep in their beds.  Hope this helps!
How old is your son? The amount of naps he takes depends on how old he is. I know how you feel about the bed thing. My 2 youngest are 4 and almost 3 and they still come and get in bed with me and sleep in my back! With my kids I make them a pallet in the floor but I somehow don't believe your son is old enough for that. You could try getting him up earlier to help with him wanting to play at night. Its hard to get kids on a good schedule for second shift. It will probably take a lot of tears on both your parts to get him to actually sleep in his bed. You night have to just let him cry himself to sleep a few nights. I won't lie though, its really hard to just them cry like that. I hope it all gets better for you honey. Good luck :)
her is almost 1!
You definitely have time to change her pattern!  Just be strong, you'll cry, she'll cry, you'll loose sleep, but in the end you'll reclaim your bed and your hubby time.  :)
I'm sorry ya'll I meant he. He is almost one and the last two nights by husband has been letting me go to sleep and letting him cry it out in the crib. He sleeps a majority of the night and hour or two before wake up time is when he starts tossing and turning. Thanks for yall's help. My husband is far stronger than Me! 

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