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any suggestions on questions to ask a pediatrician??

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ok so im going to meet a pediatrician today, this is our first child so i have no idea how this is supposed to i ask questions or just let the doc talk? and if i do ask questions what do i ask?! please help.. its 11:30am now and i have an appt at 5:00pm to meet him..btw im 21wks pego right now but everyones been telling me to find a pediatrician now so here i am..

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i was very nervous when i met the pediatrician i didnt know what to ask when to ask and when to just listen so i just listen to the pediatrician and waited untill they ask me if i had any questions trust me it gets easier my daughter layla is 8 months now and now to me going to the pediatricain is a piece of cake i hope everything goes well good luck! :)
Ask what their hours are.Do they have an after hours call center with a doctor or nurse on call for emergency advice?  (some do and some the message says go to the ER when all you might want to know is what dose tylenol to give your little one - ARGHH!)Do they have weekend hours?Are the children in their practice mainly boys or girls?  (that will tell you something, some doctors perfer a certain sex to others, they'll take them all because they are $$ but if they have one more dominately over another then it's because the other parents didn't feel comfortable and switched doctors)Do they have a physician's assistant they often refer their patents to or will you be seeing them on visits?  (We had one doctor we could never get in to see and kept getting appointments set up with the assistant so we finally dropped the doctor all together and made the assistant our primary)How do they keep track of all the kids?  I personally want someone who remembers a little something about my kid.  (the same doctor above saw my oldest son literally 3 days in a row for ear infection shots and by the 3rd day he couldn't remember what his ears looked like when we started the shots 2 days before...that's when we made the offical switch because I was furious).How long have they been in practice?When you are there check out the waiting it kid friendly or boring walls and no toys or books?  You can wait a while to get in during cold and flu season so if there isn't a tv screen or some toys to play with and it's not entertaining for the kids a long wait is awful!Is there a well waiting room as well as a big room where the sick kids wait?  If you are in there for an infant checkup you don't want to be in the same area as the children who have colds, flus and croupe!Hope this helps!!!  :)
One of a new moms biggest stress is she doesnt feel like she and the pediatrician agree or on the same page. So ask how he/she deals with sickness in the early ages. Alot of doctors will not give medication to an ifant at all until the illnes progresses to an advanced stage to help the baby build the immune sustem. If you agree with this then it will be fine but if not you will become frustratde really fast. Some doctors think thats old school and will give anitbiotics after 24 hrs of fever.. also ask about their tardiness policy, some offices make you reschedule if you are more than 10 min late and after having a newborn you are alwasys late so you will want an office a little more understanding.. hope this helps!! good luck
How did it go with the pediatrician?

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