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Anyone have any advise about going from bottle to cup? And ditching the paci? My daughter is 13 months old. Help!

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well i dont know if this is the best advice but with my daughter, switching her from bottle to cup was pretty easy. kids are great at getting over things, so one day i took her to like target and let her pick out the cups and just started using them. as for the paci i never let my daughter have one so im not sure on what to do there but if my daughter did use one i would just get rid of it. i've noticed if you change something in the routine that they usually get over it pretty quickly and she's only 13mths, so the sooner the better.
just throw away all the pacifiers. i promise you will thank yourself in the long run.
I've heard of people who tie the pacifiers to the bed post so they can have it only when they are going to bed, so if she has a hard time with "cold turkey" you might try making it only a bed time/nap time thing. 
Cut a hole in the nipples of the me they will not want them anymore..It also works for the bottle jsut a little messy the first time. My son went and threw his own bottle in the trash after I did this..
My son was a piece of cake with it all.  Never HAD TO have a passifier, just notice it calmed him down in hard situations.  My daughter used a passifier only a few times and never needed it.  But when it came to changing from bottle to sippy cups she would throw it and start bawling, so I tried a new kind, same thing.  The only sippy cup that worked for her was the ones that have silicone (nipple like) spout that is a sippy cup but made the transition easy compared to the nitmare of the hard plastic spout.  Once I gave her this one for a few days she takes them all now.  Good luck.  And for the pacifier you have to just take it away.  You don't walk her to be walking around and having to take the pacifier out of her mouth to say "can we go to the park?"  To me when they can walk AND talk then a pacifier HAS TO GO!!!  Just say you lost it or it broke and you don't have money for a new one.  Sincerely Karalea

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