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Anyone have any suggestions on middle names for the names Savannah or Navaeh ?

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i was going to name my daughter nevaeh karynn however my plans changed.... now my daughter will be named emretta rose but i found that karynn was beautiful for a middle name
my little sister's name is savannah paige and i've always really loved that name. :)
Lee is a plain name but goes good with both Savannah and Naveah, I think. I also thought of Brooke and like Paige as well. I would avoid names that end with the same sound though; that can make it a bit too much I think.
I think that Neveah Grace is a pretty name .Since Neveah is heaven spelled backwards it kinda goes well together ...
My aunt named her last daughter Savannah Chantel. Chantal also sounds good with Ivana, according to my other aunt.
If my little one is a girl I'm planning on Neveah Lynae.
Neveah Rose
Nevaeh tnes legna......... (Heaven Sent angel) i so love that name or Imanii thats my daughters name Meliyah imanii.....which is First daughter from God!!!! if i have another daughter her name will be Eazyrayiah marie....Due december 17th
I hate the name Nevaeh. Everyone thinks it is so cute. I work in the PICU world as a nurse and I have seen a lot of Nevaeh's roll through the doors. The weirder the name the more messed up the kid. Thats just from my experience. I love the name Savannah. I don't know any nicknames for it though. Maybe Vanna
elise it flows with both names


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