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Anyone tried the Bradley Method?

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I would like to deliver my first baby natural, (if I don't try the first time, Im afraid I won't try later). There are no instructors close to me so any suggestions, has anyone read the book? Any advice is welcome! I go next week to meet with natural birthing center any one had a water birth? Im 23wks, and it seems like Im running out of time to prepare!

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I've never tried the bradley method, but I did have my 2nd child naturally.  I had to have my first by induction due to high bp and lasted until 5 cm before the pain took over and I had to have an epidural. It was such a peaceful birth, I wasn't expecting my 2nd to go any other way.  His birth was horrible.  I laid down in the bed at 2:14am and he was born at 2:43am.  There was no time for an epidural and he was an 8lb 3oz baby.  He came fast and hard, there was no controlling breathing or quiet peaceful birth for him.  I was screaming and the nurses were screaming for me to hold him in since the dtr wasn't there can't hold in a baby that wants to come out that fast!  lol!  I can laugh about it now, but at the time and for a long while after it was a very painful subject for me.  I recommend getting all your information, but still being open to other options.  I went into both thinking they would go one first I thought I'll do this like superwoman no drugs, no screaming, no I said epidural and peaceful.  My second I said epidural and peaceful and there was no drugs and screaming!  Be open to your plan not going as planned and other options.  If something doesn't work for you..say so and find something that does.  This is the birth of your child and you want it to be one that you remember with sweet thoughts.  You still have time to get your info and prepare so don't stress, but plan adn talk to other moms who have done it.  Good luck!  :)

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