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anyone who believes in prayer...i need you!!!

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tomorrow i plan to go in for a blood test to confirm wither or not i am pregnant. i'd be four weeks right now, and i'm really scared that the test will come up negative. my birthday is in two days and i would love for God to bless me with this baby, it would be the ultimate gift. so if you wouldn't mind just saying a prayer for me, i'm really really hoping for a positive, and really feeling discouraged and expecting a negative. thank you so much!

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He's not mad at you, it's just not in His timing for your life right now. believe me, I can totally relate! i've been told my whole life I could never get pregnant. but I kept praying..if it's His will, it would happen. and it did! at age 32! even my docs were shocked cuz i've seen them since i was a teenager.i'm now 22 weeks and things are going very just have to keep the faith! and remember Jeremiah 29:11..this scripture kept me going all those yrs. He does have a plan for our lives. He wants us to be happy and have the desires of our heart, especially if its to be a mother of His children!i'll be prayin for ya! ;-)


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