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Anything I'm missing?

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So I've got my baby check list pretty much done with 9 weeks to spare! but,I'm wondering what are some things that you needed after the baby was medicines? or anything you couldnt live without?

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Little tummies products:  Gas drops, constipation drops, vapor rub for babies (especially with winter coming on) - those were my big ones that I didn't have that I always try to include in peoples gift baskets now.  (Babies R Us and Target carry them, walmart carries some of the little tummies products, but it depends on your area).
alcohol wipes for the cord, and if its a boy and being circumsized then bacatracin and little gauze squares.
I read I'm not supposed to use alcohol wipes on the cord...I'll ask my doctor I guess.thanks you guys!
I don't think you need alcohol for the cord stump - many docs are saying just let it air dry.  Make sure you have plenty of burp cloths/old cloth diapers around - for drool and spitup and whatever else needs cleaning, and blankets for baby to lie on as you move him/her around the house.  Good luck!
Tylenol is a definite must have. My little boy got the flu at 6 weeks and was miserable. Plus it helps with fever, headache, earache, and when they get shots or are sick or teething! Good luck! :)
thanks everyone, I now have a list of medications to get for the little munchkin! as for cloths and such,I am fully prepared already! (or at least I hope so...I have millions)

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