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Are all prenatal's the same?

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i believe so. but when the doctor does blood work they know and if you need iron or more vitamins they will let you know.
No.  Some prenatals have more/less vitamins in them.  If they say prenatal, the only thing they make sure to provide is extra iron and folic acid...most everything else is different with different brands.  I take Buried Treasure Prenatal Plus with DHA which is a doesn't make me sick like most vitamins and it has non-constipating iron.  To me it's waaay better than swallowing horse pills.
I have compared the amount of each vitamins in Materna and the local store brand I am taking now and they are the exact same.  Materna is $16.00 and the store brand it $4.00.  Make sure you read the label
No. Some are just once daily pills, some are packs of multiple pills, some have DHA, some don't. I prefer the GNC prenatal pack that comes with a multivitamin I take twice a day along with calcium and DHA supplements. Taking the vitamins throughout the day  means more of the vitamins and minerals have the chance to be absorbed and utilized by my body.

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