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Are the doctors wrong?

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Ok so every time i go to see my doctor they tell me something different... this time one nurse said that i'm 18 weeks 4 days, then the doctor said that i'm 18 weeks 6 days, but when i put my due date in online on different websites such as they say that i'm 19 weeks and 6 days... so who is right??? I confirmed my due date with the doctor today, which is March 24th but then again last time is was there the doctor said i was further along than they originally thought but they didnt change my due date??? I'm so confused. Please let me know what you think!

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its normal for them to tell u that ur so many weeks along and then change it..the first time u go to the doc they go by ur last period, then when u have an ultrasound the measure the baby and tell u how far along u r again..i wouldnt worry if its only a weeks difference..but go for another ultrasound have them measure the baby to see how many weeks u r for sure..i know it can be agravating but it long as the baby is healthy i wouldnt worry.
another thing to remember is that babies are very rarely born exactly on their due date. so its really just a guide line of when you can expect to see your baby. my due date is december 17th,but i'm taking bets it wont come until christmas!
well i know that its not 100% accurate but they did measure the baby on my first appt. and then scheduled a test to see if the baby has down syndrom but when i went for the test which was my 2nd appt. they said that i was too far along for the test so that is what confused me on the first place so i was just wonderong if this is something i should be worried about or not because besides that they are very unorganized and never tell us what is going on even when we ask questions they always tell us not to worry about that yet and just never give us any answers and i just thought it was weird that one person told us how far along i am, then another told us something different at the same appt. it all just seems really unorganized and i dont feel very comfortable with the doctor he isnt very reasuring, especially when we can never get a straight answer from him most of the time, so am i just being paranoid? I know that things can get mixed up but even when we set up our appts. the nurse at the front desk always tells us that the doctor should have explained everything and since he didnt it just goes unknown to us...idk what to think
Okay, first you sound very unsettled with your doctor.  You don't sound happy about your situtation at all.  If you are uncomfortable with your doctor, switch!  And do NOT feel bad about it.  It's your body, your pregnancy and your baby.  You need to feel comfortable and confident in the person carrying for you.  It's not too late to switch, you are definitely not too far along for that and I would find someone that you can be confident with.  Second, your due dates can change as can how far along you are.  It's very common.  I'm 24 weeks along, but when I went for my first appointment my baby was tracking 3 days ahead of my due date.  When I went for the gender ultrasound I was tracking 6 days ahead of my due date, meaning I'm loosing almost a week.  Depending on how your baby grows and progresses you may pick up time.  My due date is still the same because they said unless I pick up 2 weeks they aren't moving it, which is fine because my little boy is coming when he's ready anyway.  The important thing is, if you have questions for your doctor ask them and if you don't like him get a new doctor!!  I was unsure about my doctor with my second, then I grew to really dislike him and by the time my little boy came 2 days past his due date I had such a bad taste in my mouth for that guy that I really could have knocked his lights out!  I wish I had switched when my gut said to, but I didn't and it was a huge mistake.  Be comfortable and confident with your doctor!!!  :)  Good luck!
yea i would deff get a new doc..ur doctor and his office doesnt seem very professional and i dont think u want ppl like that delivering ur baby, i would find a new doc asap..not trying to scare u more or anything but thats what i would do..i had a doc i didnt really like untill about 12 weeks because i was waiting for my insurance to kick in before i i would call around and find a doc who u r both comfortable with and tells u everything u need to know
I definitely agree with you needing to switch! I had 2 bad drs the first was with my first. I didn't like him but it was a dr my mom and sister both used and I was only 16 so I stuck it out and had an awful delivery and nearly died because they didn't listen to me. Sorry. Please don't let that scare you. With the second I obviously used a different dr and he didn't listen any better! I thought I had mono because my sis-in-law did and we lived with them and he refused to sign for me to be tested! No one else would do it because he was my dr. I had to go to the E.R. So I switched 17 weeks into that pregnancy. It was the best decision I made. If your dr won't listen to you or explain anything then you will definitely be better off somewhere else. You also don't want someone who doesn't have it together delivering your baby! Don't stay and be unhappy with who is caring for you. Now as for the due date differing mine is set for 3/30/11 but I measure 5 days behind that which puts me at 4/4/11. They told me they won't change my actual due though unless there's a weeks difference. I can't see being told a different due date eveytime. That doesn't seem right. Plus you've missed tests because they can't get it together about your due date? I would run for sure girl! Good luck and remember not to stay and be unhappy! :)

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